Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Stockings

Because I know my family doesn't know about this blog, I'm posting this project now. I'm not worried they'll see it & the surprise will be spoiled. My brother & his family need Christmas stockings. I made my daughter's and my niece's stockings last year, and they were okay. With what I know now, I'd make them differently. It's okay. Sewing is definitely a learning experience.

They're not super-cutesy or traditional when it comes to style. They're all pretty outdoorsy & casual. Very comfortable.

Enter THIS post...
I'll have to post pics when I'm done, but they'll look similar to this one, minus the feathers, plus red ric-rac. My lining/cuff is even a similar print!

I'll also have to figure out how to un-bold and un-italicize this last bit. Ugh.

Oh. And, I think I have tendonitis, so typing + sewing w/ a wrist brace isn't too fun.