Thursday, August 25, 2011

MOPS Creative Activities

So... here's the deal. (for all you invisible readers out there...)
I'm leading the Creative Activities for my MOPS group this year. This is such a great area for me to serve in because I'm a behind-the-scenes kind of girl who LOVES to be in the middle of everything. Just not in the front of it. ;-)

One of my personal goals this year for MOPS is for every mom to come away from the meetings with the knowledge that she is created in the image of a very Creative Creator. Every woman (every PERSON) has an innate ability to envision & create something unique and beautiful. No, not every mom is "crafty," and not everybody has 6 glue guns, let alone understands the mystery that is a Cool Hot Glue Gun. But, every mom can put elements together in a unique way to create something that didn't exist 20 minutes before. For the past several months, I've been on a search for simple, useful, and relevant crafts that fit within our group's budget & timeframe. It has been a challenge, but I've enjoyed the hunt. Pinterest has been quite the little helper, I might add. As of right now, I currently have 121 pins on my MOPS Crafts board. Eager much, Ginny?

With the budget I'm working with now, I think we will do 2, maybe 3 crafts this semester. For our first meeting, we'll make covered notepads that can be used for anything: grocery list, prayer requests, sermon/speaker notes, boredom doodles, etc. I'm gathering supply sources now, and I'll order the embellishments before the middle of next week.

I'm not sure what our other crafts will be this semester, but I'll choose the Christmas craft first, since it may just be the most expensive of all of them, then work my way back.

My other plan is to document & photograph each craft, step by step, so moms can easily see how it's done. We have access to the projector at the church, and I can hook up the ol' netbook & show photos and descriptions of each step. Then, if a mom is interested in doing more of the same craft, she can always come back here to my blog to find the instructions.

We also plan to bundle extra supplies together so moms can purchase additional "kits" for a very small fee. Any money made will go directly back into the craft budget. Woo!

So... those are my thoughts. I'll get started posting photos of our first craft really soon.